United Methodist Women
The United Methodist Women is a denomination-wide ministry devoted to helping women and children around the world with spiritual needs, economic needs, educational needs, or medical needs.
The United Methodist Women of Hohenwald, Tennessee are very devoted to helping their church, their community, and the world at large. They support the HUMC Radio Ministry; the Benevolence Fund, to help local families that are struggling with life’s basic necessities; the Lewis County Food and Clothing Bank, by both giving and volunteering; the United Methodist Committee on Relief, a denomination-wide disaster response team; the Bethlehem Centre in Nashville, to help suburban children keep out of gang-violence and to teach them about Jesus Christ; Miriam’s Promise Golf Challenge; adopting a local class in the Lewis County Intermediate School.
The United Methodist Women frequently visit the local nursing home to visit with church members who are residents there.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is an ecumenical ministry to support those who are experiencing difficult times and to assure them that others are praying for them and interceding for them. A prayer shawl is made and prayed over, and then given to the recipient, and the makers continue to pray for the recipient daily, that God would hold the recipient in His arms.
Mrs Larry McCutcheon, a member of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, describes how when she was given a prayer shawl during a difficult time in her life, whenever she wore it, she could feel arms around her, comforting her
Porch Ministry
An auspice of the Christian Witness Committee of the local First United Methodist Church of Hohenwald, the Porch Ministry is the church’s welcoming or house-warming ministry. Under Mrs Sue Brown’s direction, a visitor of the church or a new-comer to the community is treated to a visit by two members of the ministry and is given a fresh, homemade loaf of bread or dessert, and is invited to the church and any of its numerous activities.
Radio Ministry
The Radio Ministry is the United Methodist Church of Hohenwald’s Radio Program which broadcasts the Choral Anthem and the sermon of the previous Sunday’s service on Sunday morning. The program has been broadcasted for three years with great success as it allows those members of the church that are unwell or are shut into nursing homes or hospitals or maybe their own house to listen to the service.
This Ministry is a non-budgeted item that relies solely upon individual giving to keep it broadcasting.

Outreach Update

February was designated as Nashville Rescue Mission month.  Church members were asked to donate gently-used clothing as well as cold weather items for men, women, and children. The response was so overwhelming that trips to the Mission had to be made weekly. Suits, winter coats, blankets, socks and underwear, even doggy coats, were just some of the donations that virtually overtook the narthex, office and library. Special thanks go to Mac McLemore and Gwynn McVickers who delivered our goods. We are certainly a caring, giving church. Thank you all!

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry, through the United Methodist Women, has also been hard at work, creating and presenting more than 80 shawls. The shawls are available for distribution in our church library. If you desire to bless someone, pick the shawl that is appropriate (man, woman, style, color, etc.) sign out on the list attracted to the side of the cabinet and deliver the shawl. Each gift bag has all the information necessary for the receiver to understand the significance of this gift. Reading the information aloud as you present the shawl can be very meaningful

The prayer shawl originates in the Old Testament and was used during worship and private prayer time. Today, a prayer shawl, prayer cover or prayer cloth is meant to bring comfort to the wearer and an awareness of God’s presence in our daily lives. Prayer shawls are prayed over during their construction.  Whether in times of distress or moments of joy the shawl reminds the recipient of God’s love and our love. The prayer list on the back of our weekly bulletin reminds each of us to pray for persons who have prayer shawls. This project is world-wide which means there is constant prayer being offered.

If you would like to participate in creating the gifts, please contact Sue Brown, Retha Tibbs or Joyce McCutcheon. Meetings are held from 1- 4 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at Piney Road Baptist Church.   Classes are available if you want to learn to knit or crochet.

Thanks to Gwynn McVickers for making the bags beautiful and to Kathy for printing and attaching the information, and thanks all who provide and pray for this ministry.